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Fortgeschrittene - B1

4 Kurse
Sara Grafschafter
Fachbereichsleiterin Sprachen und DaZ / Integrationskurse

English Club B1 + Polish up your English
Mi. 07.02.2024 09:15
Polish up your English

English is a living language. Our focus in class is therefore on communication, which we practice in everyday language situations. Cultural aspects and current events are also a subject of conversation. I look forward to exploring this diverse language and the cultures of the English-speaking world with you!

Kursnummer 241-4215
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Gebühr: 119,00
Dozent*in: William Gardiner
English in the morning - B1 Brush up you knowledge
Mi. 07.02.2024 11:00
Brush up you knowledge

In this course you can brush up your knowledge of English, and at the same time learn new and interesting information about the English-speaking world.  We use different reading and listening materials as a source of class discussion with the aim of improving vocabulary and gaining fluency and confidence in speaking.

Kursnummer 241-4225
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Gebühr: 86,80
Dozent*in: Allison Winkelmann
English B1 Improve your communication
Do. 08.02.2024 14:00
Improve your communication

This course is suitable for those who wish to improve their communication and language skills through discussions, learning essential vocabulary and proper grammar, as well as listening activities.

Kursnummer 241-4261
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Gebühr: 136,00
Dozent*in: Steven Jacob
Englisch B1+ Practice your speaking
Mo. 12.02.2024 19:45
Practice your speaking

Why not join our small group to brush up your English? In a relaxed atmosphere we talk about personal experiences, exchange ideas and opinions. We use different readingvand listening materials over a wide range of topics of general interest such as our changing world, travel etc. to encourage conversation. Although our focus is on communication, we also review certain points of grammar when needed.

Kursnummer 241-4226
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Gebühr: 110,50
Dozent*in: Allison Winkelmann
14.04.24 15:43:46